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How to Clean Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

When you decide to refresh yourself with a nice cool Moscow Mule (rhyme unintended), part of the fun is undoubtedly the copper mug. The copper mugs have become synonymous with this drink and if you serve one up without the correct ventricle then you’re only getting half of the experience. The copper mugs are not only a unique visual element that makes the drink stand out as something fun and different, they are also excellent at keeping your drinks cool and very resilient.

If you’re running a pub, then you’ll want to make sure you stock up on Moscow Mules so that you can impress your patrons and keep people coming back! Don’t be that bar that has to let your visitors down by not knowing what they’re talking about (or having the right ventricle to serve in).

If you’re someone who just enjoys the odd cocktail at home, then get yourself a copper mug so that you can enjoy the drink the way it was intended to be enjoyed and so that you can deliver it to guests and visitors and impress them too!

But buying your copper mugs is only part of the story. At the same time, you also need to think about maintenance and how you can keep your mugs clean and looking their very best! Cleaning copper is somewhat different from cleaning glass or a regular mug, so let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to do this.

How to Clean Your Copper Mugs

The best way to clean your copper mugs is to use some lemon with some salt and then polish thoroughly. So take your salt and polish and add to the mug and then dip half a lemon in and use this like a sponge to soak up the mixture and to wipe around the inside thereby bringing your mugs to a nice shine. leave for 3-4 minutes and you should find that the mugs start to look a lot shinier! You can then simply rinse them and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth. Make sure that you get rid of all moisture as you do this.

The reason you’re using this method rather than a regular detergent is that you don’t want to unintentionally oxidize your copper and thereby darken it. For the same reason, it’s very important to make sure that you get rid of all traces of moisture and dry very thoroughly. Again, this will prevent you from unintentionally darkening the color by oxidizing the mugs.

Remember to also have a go on the exterior of the mug! You want to make sure that your mugs look absolutely in tip-top shape on the exterior as well so that when you pass them to someone, they will be properly impressed by the different vesicle. Make sure that you do this so that your mugs will be sparkling and really get the right impression!

If you don’t want to use salt then another great option is to use baking powder. Vinegar can work well too.

Some Tips

One important tip is never to put your copper mugs in your dishwasher. Otherwise, you might risk scratching the inside and outside of your copper mug and thereby ruining it.

Another tip is to make sure that you store your copper mugs somewhere dry! While copper won’t rust, you can just as easily tarnish your mugs while storing them as you can while using and cleaning them. If you have moisture in your cupboards, then try to find somewhere else to keep them where this won’t be a problem.

Note that it’s also possible to get stainless steel plated mugs and some of these might be a little more resilient to different methods of cleaning and to dampness.

Finally, if you’re having real difficulty keeping your mugs clean and shiny then consider using a specialist copper mug cleaner. These products can make life a little easier if you’re regularly cleaning lots of mugs in bulk because otherwise it can get a bit painstaking cleaning a whole lot of copper mugs by hand.

If your copper mug gets damaged though, then you know what? Don’t worry about it too much! Sure, a shiny mug might make more of an impression but if you pour yourself a cold Moscow Mule and drink up, you’ll probably find you forget all about the blemish and that you enjoy your drink just as much out of a well-loved mug!

And while you might have a little more difficulty keeping your mugs clean without allowing them to oxidize, do remember that in many ways your mug is actually a lot easier to maintain than a glass! If you drop a copper mug for instance it is much less likely to break and you can also be a little rougher when washing up. So it’s not all bad news but just make sure that you’re careful to use these methods when washing up!