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Personalized / Engraved Copper Mugs

The Moscow Mule is one of the most delicious and exciting drinks you can order in a bar and there are lots of things that make it special.

For one thing, you have the impressive history. After all, this is the drink that put vodka on the map in the US and that is a claim to fame that has to be worth something!

At the same time, the Moscow Mule is also a great drink in terms of its flavor. This is a drink with a kick but it’s also very refreshing and zesty. Unlike some cocktails it isn’t too complicated and instead it just keeps things simple with the refreshing taste of lime, the slight tang of ginger and the cool ice that it’s all poured on top of.

This is also a very versatile drink that can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You can tweak the recipe however you like and when you do, you’ll be able to make it a non-alcoholic drink, a fruity summer cocktail or all kinds of other things!

But perhaps one of the things that really makes the Moscow Mule stand out is its container. The Moscow Mule you see is almost always enjoyed in a copper mug. And if you want to be able to enjoy the cocktail at home whenever the mood takes you, having your own copper mug can make a big difference.

And if you want to take this enjoyment one step even further… why not make that mug a personalized or engraved one!

Why Get a Personalized Copper Mug?

Drinking out of the copper mug is definitely one of the things that makes the Moscow Mule so exciting and so popular. When you order a drink that comes in a special container it always turns heads and adds to the experience. Not to mention that copper mugs are very effective at keeping your drink cool so that the large amounts of ice also stay frozen!

If you have guests round then and you want to make the evening a bit special by serving up a fun drink, having a copper mug to use for your Moscow Mule is a great way to accomplish that and will be sure to make the evening more memorable and even more special. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys hosting, then you’ll no doubt know that these small differences can make a big impact to your evening!

But why settle for just a standard copper mug when you could get one with your name engraved on it? This will only make the experience seem even more special and will also be ideal for enjoying your favorite tipple on your own when you want to be left with your thoughts. This will make sure everyone knows the mug is yours and will ensure that you’re left to drink from it in peace!

Of course this also is a great idea for a gift. If you know someone who loves vodka or who loves Copper Mules, then getting them an engraved mug is a great unique gift that they’ll no doubt get a kick out of. Likewise, this can be a great gift for someone who has never tried the Moscow Mule before! Buy them an engraved mug, a bottle of Smirnoff and some ginger beer and then tell them how to make it themselves. The best gifts are always the gifts you can share together…

This makes even more sense for a pub or bar. Here, using a personalized or engraved copper mug will allow you to promote your brand while at the same time ensuring your patrons enjoy a unique drink with a flashy container!

The only problem is going to be that people might steal the mugs! But here is where adding your own branding can be a great idea: people might well steal the mugs either way. At least when you include your branding on the mug though, you’ll have the added benefit of getting free marketing from them!

Engraved copper mugs are a great way to make this special drink all the more unique and enjoyable – so why not find one and have your name added to it?

Getting an Engraved Mug

There are plenty of different types of Moscow Mule mugs. You can get mugs with a ‘hammered’ effect for instance that look as though they were hand crafted with lots of subtle details and indentations. Likewise, you can get Smirnoff branded mugs that pay tribute to the brand that started it all! You can also get Moscow Mule mugs that are plated with other types of metal – a popular option being stainless steel which will help to make your mugs even more resilient and bullet proof!

There are also many different brands of copper mug. Either way, most Moscow Mule mug manufacturers will happily provide your mugs with the engraving if you look around the site. Alternatively, you can find a regular Moscow Mule mug and then have it engraved afterward to give it that unique touch and to make it extra special to you or to your loved one.

From there, you have a keepsake that you can enjoy many drinks out of! Just make sure that you look after it, clean it regularly with lemon and salt and store it somewhere dry. If you do that, then you’ll have a personalized mug that is a piece of history and a great tool for enjoying an extra special drink all the more!