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Other Moscow Mule Drinks

Moscow Mule Copper cups are one of the most exciting and interesting aspects of the Moscow Mule, which is already a fantastic drink that will be refreshing and invigorating every time. The mugs are what set this drink apart as something really special and what helped to ensure it rapidly gained popularity when it was originally marketed by John Martin and the Cock ‘N’ Bull.

When you order a Moscow Mule in a bar, it turns heads. The drink always comes in an exciting container that catches the light and that feels classy and it’s actually a great conversation started for this reason!

But what if you’re not a fan of vodka? Does that mean you can’t join in with the fun? And what if you don’t like ginger beer or if you don’t like lime?

We have you covered in every instance. There is a Mule drink for every occasion so read on and let’s see what else you can enjoy out of these awesome cups.

Other Fruits

One way to mix up your typical Moscow Mule and make it a bit more interesting is to use different fruits instead of the lime. Orange is a particularly popular choice and you can use this just the same as the lime by adding the juice from one half and then using an orange wheel to garnish. This makes the drink much sweeter and citrusy. It’s juicier and that way better for enjoying outside on a hot summer’s day.

You can also do this with a few other things, including apple or even watermelon!

Another way to mix things up is to include a medley of fruits. This is ideal if you want an alcoholic kick that will come with an antioxidant kick and if you’re looking for something that will be even more summery and even more adventurous.

To do this, you should probably invest in a ‘muddler’. A muddle is a device you can use to crush fruit and thereby infuse the flavor with your drink. Crush into the bottom of a shaker and then shake along with the ice and your other ingredients. Strain and you then have a Moscow Mule that includes any number of different flavors and nutrients. Try a range of berries or even grapes!

Other Alcohols

If you’re happy with the lime and you want to spice your drink up in other ways, then you can try experimenting with other alcohols. For example, why not add in some martini instead of straight vodka? Some people also like to make the drink even more potent by using alcoholic ginger beer instead of the regular non-alcoholic variety. Of course you can also substitute this for a regular beer if you’re not a fan of the ginger, or you can substitute it for a cider. Cider Moscow Mules are actually quite popular!

Non-Alcoholic Varieties

Some people though will want to enjoy the Moscow Mule without any alcohol! In this case you simply need to substitute the vodka for soda water or tonic water. This will give it a very similar taste (though lacking the kick a little) and will make the drink healthier, more refreshing and safe for driving.

After all, if you love the Moscow Mule that much why limit yourself to one glass in the evening? With a non-alcoholic version you can have as much as you like! And there won’t be too many calories in here either. For a little more on the health aspects of the Moscow Mule, check out our other article here.

So now you know the health benefits of the Moscow Mule and how to fix yourself when the alcohol gets a bit too much…

But wouldn’t it be better if you could avoid the alcohol altogether? Then the drink would almost be entirely healthy (apart from the calories).

Well the good news is that there is a recipe for a non-alcohol Moscow Mule! The secret is just to use a little bit of sparkling water or soda water rather than the vodka and you can also add a small spoon of honey to sweeten it if you’re finding that a little bland.

So the new recipe becomes:

  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • ½ cup of ginger beer
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (optional)
  • 2 ounces of tonic water or alternative
  • Ice cubs

Add all this to your regular copper mug and you can enjoy this just the same as any regular Moscow Mule. The only difference is that you’ll now be sipping it and enjoying the benefits of the lemon and the ginger but with none of the downsides that normally come from the alcohol.

Subtle Tweaks

There are also subtle ways you can tweak the regular Moscow Mule. For example, you might decide that you want to try your Moscow Mule with a slightly higher ratio of vodka or a slightly lower ratio of vodka. You can also mix up your choice of garnish – some people add a stick of cinnamon or a piece of cucumber. And while you’re at it, why not change the way you present the ice? It could be crushed if you want to turn your Mule into more of a slush drink!

You can also choose how much ice you want to add and this will additionally have quite a big impact. When you choose to add a lot of ice it will dilute the flavor more and make it very cold – alternatively you can add less ice and this will mean you get a higher ratio of key ingredients and a stronger flavor. You can even choose to do away with the ice altogether, which means you’ll want to shake the drink with ice and then strain it. This makes for a very cold but very strong drink that is great for drinking quickly when you’re absolutely parched!

Another thing that can mix up your drink? Adding a straw!

There are plenty of options here and even the mug you serve out of will be unique to you in all likelihood! Everyone has a different style and thus everyone should have a unique way to present their Moscow Mule.

Other Drinks

Oh and of course there’s no reason you can’t enjoy any other drink you like out of a Moscow Mule! You can drink juice, milk, water or anything else out of these mugs and really get your money’s worth! Copper keeps drinks nice and cold so really anything cold will work well. Note however that if you drink tea or coffee then you’re liable to get your hands burned – be careful!

Then again you can also try putting your Moscow Mule into alternative mugs too! How about trying it out of a glass for instance? This is something you often see when people make very fruity variations on the drink.

Moscow Mules so fun and different you’ll probably find yourself constantly wanting to use them and constantly wanting to experiment with different ways to present your drinks. This is how drinks evolve and new combinations are discovered and it’s how you can come up with your own signature mix. You may just find that mixology is your calling after all!