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Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

When drinking a Moscow Mule there is one thing you always must do: pour it first into a copper mug.

Copper mugs are completely synonymous with Moscow Mules and really if you’re drinking a Moscow Mule without one, then you aren’t going to be getting the full experience!

The copper mugs were originally introduced by John Martin who created the drink while he was working at the Cock ‘N’ Bull. The bar had been struggling to sell all of their vodka and ginger beer and so he tried combining the two to make a new drink. And as it turned out… it was delicious! He and two friends agreed that the drink inspired the spirit of adventure and they made a toast to the discovery.

Getting Your Own Solid Copper Mug

If you’re interested in getting a copper mug of your own, then you can take a look at the other pages on this site. They explore some of the best brands on the market and help you to decide which mug is right for you!

We also have pages discussing hammered copper mugs and how they differ from standard ones, instructions on how to clean your mugs and more!

But here we’re going to address one topic in particular: the quality of the copper.

Understanding Copper Quality

When looking at different copper mugs, you will find they vary in a few ways. The shapes vary, the handles vary and even the sizes of the mug vary. It’s your job then to find a mug that suits your preferences and that you think will have the biggest visual impact while fitting your budget.

But what you’ll also notice is the quality of the copper and this is perhaps the most important thing to consider.

There are a few things to keep in mind in this regard but the first and most important thing is whether or not your mug is solid copper.

If your mug is 100% copper, then that means that it is made entirely from copper and is ‘authentic’ in this sense. It will probably cost more but it will feel heavier and better quality as a result.

But note that if you’re going to buy a 100% copper mug then you must buy it from one of the more reputable sources such as Sertodo or Moscow Copper Company. The reason for this is that solid copper can be dangerous when it is low quality. Copper is a heavy metal and one that is found naturally in the human body – juts like mercury and other metals. But if you consume too much of this metal, then it can build up in your bloodstream at which point it can become toxic and even lead to brain damage.

When you drink out of a low quality, 100% copper mug then you risk consuming large quantities of copper over time which can eventually be toxic. Conversely though, if you drink out of a high quality mug from a well-known company like Moscow Copper Company, then you won’t need to worry about this.

And if you want to save money, then you can – just choose a copper mug that is coated with a lacquer or that is plated. Either of these two options will shield the inside of the mugs from flakes of copper and prevent them from entering your drink and thus being consumed. An example of a company that does this well is Old Dutch. These types of copper mug are just as safe, even though they won’t feel as weighty!

Other Considerations

Another thing to think about is the gauge of the copper. This basically tells you how thick the copper is and whether or not it is going to feel weighty and high quality. If this is important to you, then try and find a copper mug with a thicker gauge.

You can also tell this by looking into the weight of the mug and its relative size. For instance, if you buy a big mug that it not very heavy, then this suggests that it probably isn’t the highest quality of copper! Conversely if the mug is small but heavy, then it is probably a thick gauge.

And of course you also need to think about the way the mug looks. Different copper mugs have different shades and different levels of shininess. Do you want something that looks aged and worn? Do you want something that sparkles in the light and looks like it came from the future? Do you want a dark color or a lighter, almost silver color?

All these things will impact on the look and quality of your mug and will change the experience subtly as you drink. Do remember though; as a rule, you get what you pay for!